How to use the “ 911 service ” page in the “ Configuration ” tab?

Due to the nature of VoIP telephone calls, emergency calls made to 911 through a B2B2C telephone service are treated differently than calls made using traditional telephone service, as set out in your service agreement.

The B2B2C VoIP service will attempt to automatically provide the Public Safety Call Center Dispatcher (CASP) or Emergency Services Operator with the address listed in your subscription folder.

This page allows you to update this address for each of your active service numbers.

Selection of the access number

This selector will by default present the current active number and offer no other choice. In the only case of commercial access type SIP TRUNK, it allows you to select from the numbers associated with this access the one you want to edit.

Information displayed:

No registration: You have chosen not to enter an address for the active service number in your subscription folder.

Defined Registration: The information provided determines what will be communicated for the active service number.

Last update

For your information, here we display the date and time of your last update of this address in your subscription folder for the active service number.