How to configure my personalized greeting

A personalized greeting of your voice mailbox allows you to identify yourself and communicate instructions to those who are directed to it.

A computer generated message is used if you have not customized this message. Also, you can record several greetings so that you can, for example, quickly switch from your regular message to your extended absence message.

Choose option 0 to access the voicemail options. Then choose from these options 

  1. to modify your away message 
  2. to modify your busy message
  3. to modify your name (Used by default if messages if 1,2 or 4 are not set)  
  4. to modify your temporary message (If you have a temporary message, it will be applied instead of the other messages)  
  5. to change your password  

*: to return to the main menu  

After selecting your option, record your message after the “beep”. Press # to finish it.   

Then press 1 to accept your message, 2 to listen to it and 3 to re-record it.