How do I use the “Fax history” page?

Do you have one or more fax services (FAX)? View the history of your receptions and transmissions on this page.

Use the selector at the top of the table to choose the month you want to view. By default, the current month is displayed.

IMPORTANT: The information displayed in the pages of the Telephony section is linked to the Active service number. This is indicated at the top right of each page. Change to another active number to see the data for that number.

How to change the order?

By default, the table shows the faxes in chronological order. You can change the order by clicking on the arrows to the right of the column headings. When you click on the same arrows again, the order changes from ascending to descending.

The columns

Date and Time: The time when the fax attempt was completed.

Send / Receive: Indicates whether the fax was sent by you or received by you.

Caller: If the fax is received by you, this column displays the phone number from which the fax originated. If you sent the fax, it displays the one of your phone numbers that was associated with the sending.

Called: If you transmitted the fax, this column displays the telephone number to which the transmission attempt was made. If the fax is received by you, it displays the one of your phone numbers where the fax was received.

Duration: Time elapsed to the nearest second of the transmission.

Nb. page: Number of pages transmitted.

Quality: Quality level of the transmission.

Re(sult): Code indicating the result of the transmission.

Info. complementary: Text accompanying the result displayed in the Result column.