How do you install Kaspersky apps on your equipment?

Here is an overview of the process of activating your Kaspersky services.

1. Go to the Subscriber Area interface in the Kaspersky Licenses section and your activation code will be displayed. You should also have received a copy of your activation code by email.


2. Next, go to the My Kaspersky Portal (my.Kaspersky.com) and create a user account. Choose an email address and a password that will be associated with your account.

If you are having trouble activating your user account on the Kaspersky Portal, go to this page which explains how to activate your user account : Creating a user account on My Kaspersky portal.


3. You can now enter your activation code in the Add an Activation Code section of the Summary tab of the My Kaspersky Portal and click Add.


4. To add a first device or software, click on the Protect a new device button. Choose the operating environment and follow the instructions.

If you are having trouble installing Kaspersky apps on your devices, go to the Help section of the My Kaspersky Portal.