How to access to the telephony management menu of your voicemail?

All features of your voicemail can be configured over the phone, including some that are not configurable from your client area.

How to access your voicemail from a telephone?

  • From your phone: Dial “* 09”
  • From another phone:
    • Dial your number and during the greeting from your voicemail box press “*”, then enter your password when requested.
    • Or dial the local access number for the area you are calling from (below). In this case, after the “beep”, dial “* 09”. When you hear the greeting, dial your phone number (with the number “1” in front of it), then enter your password when requested.

Local access numbers by service area:

  • Chicoutimi: 418-615-8520
  • Drummondville: 819-850-8511
  • Granby: 450-574-8040
  • Joliette: 450-960-8024
  • Montreal: 514-789-6889
  • Ottawa: 613-683-1954
  • Quebec: 418-780-9800
  • Sherbrooke: 819-780-8550
  • Sorel: 450-551-8008
  • Ste-Therese: 450-508-8000
  • St-Jerome: 450-553-8176
  • Toronto: 416-619-1990
  • Valleyfield: 450-854-8008
  • Victoriaville: 819-980-8018

Main menu options?

  1. Listen to new messages
  2. Change folder
  3. Advanced options, if applicable
  4. Voicemail options (see submenu below)

As well :
” * ” Aid
” # ” Exit

Voicemail options (submenu)

  1. Record your non-availability message
  2. Record your message as busy
  3. Record your name
  4. Record your temporary message
  5. Change your password

As well :
“*” Return to the main menu

Options when listening to a message

  1. Skip the information (date, time and number) of the message
  2. Listen to message information again
  3. Play previous message
  4. Repeat current message
  5. Play next message
  6. Delete current message
  7. Save message in a folder

As well :
“*” Help or, while listening to the message, Rewind
“#” Exit or, while listening to the message, Fast forward

After recording a greeting
(applicable to messages: incoming, busy / not available, welcome, or name)

  1. Accept
  2. See again
  3. Re-record

How to check if you have messages

If your telephone service with voicemail is associated with physical telephone access, lift a handset. If you hear a tone punctuated by silences, you have unheard messages waiting.