How to change the wireless network name (WiFi SSID) of the Smart RG 505n / 506n modem

The Smart RG 505n and 506n operate a network on a frequency: 2.4 Ghz. Here’s how to change the name of this network, in steps.

1 Access the management panel

Follow the method presented in the “How to access the Smart RG Management Panel?” linked at the bottom of this page.

2 Change the SSID field

View the following menu section: Wireless-> Basic

management menu

Delete the contents of the « SSID » box and enter the new desired network name.

Click Apply / Save

3 After the change

After saving, the modem will turn off the wireless networks (WiFi) and restart them without your intervention. The modem does not need to be rebooted.

Note that if you use the modem’s wireless access (WiFi) to access its management panel, you will be unplugged from this panel and the network. Access the wireless network (WiFi) with the new name and access the panel again to make other changes.

4 Reconnect your equipment

Remember to reconnect all your equipment over the wireless network (WiFi) using the new name.

5 in case of problems

If, after changing the name, you no longer have access to the network, start by restarting the modem and check that at least one light is lit on its case. If this does not restore the service, contact our technical service. We can help you restore it.