How to connect to the wireless network (WiFi) of the Smart RG modem?

1 Locate the administrator password

Below or behind the Smart RG modem case, a label with (WIFI) is affixed.

If this label (WIFI) is not present, you can use the lowercase letter “s” followed by the last 7 characters of the serial number. The latter is also visible on the modem label.

Examples of labels

2 Select the wireless network (WiFi)

The modem’s wireless network (WiFi) names may be those established by B2B2C before it is sent, or those you have defined later.

Certains modèle de modem Smart RG ont deux réseaux, 5,6 et 2,4 Ghz, alors que d’autres seulement le 2,4 Ghz.

From the device you want to connect, look for a wireless network called B2B2C-XXX-5G, B2B2C-XXX or the name you have chosen.

Note that the “XXX” represents 3 random numbers. These numbers will be different for each modem.

By default, the 5.6 Ghz network is identified by the term 5G, the other is the 2.4 Ghz

We recommend using the 5.6 Ghz network in the majority of cases; the 2.4 network is generally slower. On the other hand, if your equipment will be used far from the modem, the 2.4 Ghz has often more reach and may be preferable.

3 Enter password

Enter the password identified in step 1 when requested by your equipment.

4 In case of problems

If your password is not accepted, first make sure you are using the correct network name. Several wireless networks (WiFi) may be visible from your equipment that are not the ones of your modem.

If this does not correct the situation. Access the Smart RG Modem Management Panel to check the wireless network name and password (WiFi). Follow the instructions for in the article titled “How to access the Smart RG Modem Management Panel?” linked at the bottom of this page.

If you’re unable to access teh Internet from your device, check that you can reach the Internet from another device on the same network. If this is the case, then in your wifi settings, forget the wireless network and reconnect to it by following the steps above.

If more than one device can not use the network, restart the modem and verify that at least one light is on its case.

If this still does not correct the situation, please contact our technical support center. We can help you.