How to use the “ Billed calls ” page?

You have one or more telephone services? Check the record of your calls that generated a user fee on this page. This includes your long distance and overseas calls.

Use the selector at the top of the table to choose the year you want to view. By default, the current year is displayed.

IMPORTANT: The information displayed on the pages of the Telephony section is related to the Active Service Number. This is indicated at the top right of each page. Change to another active number to see the data for this one.

Summary for the month

You will find the summary for the month displayed in the main table.

Minutes included: If your long distance plan includes a certain number of minutes of call included without charge, then this column will indicate the number of minutes for which no charged were billed because of this fixed price.

Billable Minutes: Indicates the number of minutes that generated user fees.

Cost: Total costs generated by billable minutes

Details for the month

You can get the details by call for each of the months listed in the main table. Click on View in the Details column to the right of the month and a second table will appear under the first one. Scroll down the page to see it.

How to change the order?

By default, the second table presents the calls in chronological order. Change the order by clicking on the arrows to the right of the column headers. Click on the same arrows again to make calls appear in ascending or descending order. 

The columns

Service number: This is just your number.

Access type: Your B2B2C telephone access is delivered using the indicated technology.

Number: The number you dialed.

Country: Country where the called number is completed

Cost / min: Minute rate applicable to the call

Duration: Elapsed time to the nearest second.

Minutes Included: The number of minutes used for those included in your Long Distance plan that was applied to this call.

Billable minutes: Number of minutes that generated a user fee

Cost: Total charge for this call

Use the slider at the bottom of the page to navigate between the different pages of the table.

User fees for 900 and 976 services

If in a given month, you have charges for using a telephone service by dialing 1,900 or 1,976, these charges will be identified in a third table at the bottom of this page.

For your information, lines 1,900 and 1,976 offer tariffed services on call whose cost is determined by the service provider. These services are offered by third parties; we act only as a carrier of the appeal and as a tax collector. The services offered are varied: games, competitions, government services, meeting lines, etc. Be careful, as these calls can be very expensive. In all cases, the applicable fees must be mentioned at the beginning of the call.

Do not confuse 1 900 lines with 1 800 lines, which are free of charge. The numbers 1 900 and 1 976 still involve fees.