How to use the “Call history” page?

You have one or more telephone services? View your call history on this page.

Use the selector at the top of the table to choose the month you want to view. By default, the current month is displayed.

IMPORTANT: The information displayed on the pages of the Telephony section is related to the Active Service Number. This is indicated at the top right of each page. Change to another active number to see the data for this one.

Summary for the month

To the right of the header of the table you will find the summary for the month. The minutes are presented with the amounts billed for each, if any.

How to change the order?

By default, the table presents the calls in chronological order. You can change the order by clicking on the arrows to the right of the column headers.  When you click again on the same arrows, the order changes in ascending or descending order.

The columns

Outbound / Inbound : The calls you place are outbound, those received are inbound.

Access type: Your B2B2C telephone access is delivered using the indicated technology.

Number: Outgoing calls will show the number you have dialed. For incoming calls, either the service area (often identified by the name of the municipality) or the caller’s number is displayed.

Duration: Elapsed time to the nearest second.

Service: If the call is routed to one of our related services, such as voicemail, this will be indicated here.

Cost / min: If this call is tarifted, the applicable rate per minute is shown here.

Cost: If the call is tarifted, the cost of the call will be shown here.

Navigating between pages

Use the selector at the bottom of the page to navigate between the different pages of the table.