How to use the “ Extended zones” page?

If you have a B2B2C telephone service, this page allows you to check the phone numbers that can be called without incurring long distance charges.

Extended local areas

The combination that these phone numbers represent is your local area. As B2B2C offers larger local calling areas than those offered by traditional operators, we call them Extended.

Three tabs allow you to search your city either by province or on the network offered to our SIP, SIPNET customers.

Quebec and Ontario tab

Start the search by selecting which municipality (city). The table presented has two columns.

Column 1 (Cities): The cities shown here are those that you can reach without charge. They correspond to the name of local calling areas traditionally used by the telephone companies, they may not match exactly the actual municipalities’ area.

Column 2 (Exchanges): Presents a list of city exchanges that are included in your extended local area. An exchange is defined by the first 6 digits of a telephone number.

Research example

You live in the local area of ​​Bearn (819) and you want to call someone in Lorrainville. You can do this without long distance charges if their phone number starts with 819625.

Search in the table

This field allows you to quickly determine if the first six digits of a telephone number that interests you are included in the exchanges of the municipality you have selected. Using this field is especially useful when the table has multiple pages.

Metropolitan constituencies (Exchanges in blue)

Phone exchanges in blue are normally long distance for traditional suppliers. Although you must dial a 1 before the number of your correspondents in these exchanges, these calls are also free and unlimited because they are in a metropolitan area of ​​B2B2C that includes your city. Note that calls to your exchange with blue phone numbers will probably be a long distance for the person you are calling, if they’re not subscribers to a B2B2C phone service.

City name in green

In these cities, B2B2C is able to port your phone number from other telephone service provider.


The SIPNET service, offered on our commercial SIP phone access has one local calling area. This zone covers all the exchanges indicated in this list.

Enter the phone number or name of the city you are looking for in the search field at the top. The table will be automatically filtered to show only the corresponding cities.

If no city is shown, then the number or city you are looking for is not included in the SIPNET local area. Make sure you verify any other spellings for the city before abandoning your search.