How to use the “Home” page?

On this page, we have gathered information that allows you to have a quick portrait of your B2B2C account. What is presented here will depend on the services you use. Therefore, not all of the following items will necessarily be on your page.

In order to facilitate your navigation, each of the information boxes has either buttons allowing you to initiate actions immediately. A link to the site page gives  you more information and options about the service in question.


If you have open tickets with one of our teams, we will post them here. A click on one of them will move you to the My Tickets section in the Help (FAQ) section. Then, a ticket will open immediately. Thus, you can quickly continue your exchanges with us.

If you do not have an open ticket, click on the box to quickly open the My Tickets page so that you may create a new ticket or to view your closed tickets.

Telephone services

Your B2B2C telephone services are presented here, identified by the associated phone number. For each one, you are informed of the number of current messages in the voicemail box, if it is activated and if all the calls are currently transferred or not.

Click on one of the lines and a contextual menu will give you two choices: Listen and Configure. The first one will open the Voicemail page in the Telephony section so you can listen to your messages. The second will open the Voicemail & Call transfer page in the Configuration section, under Telephony. From there, you can change the status of the voicemail box and call transfer as well as other options.

Internet usage

At a glance, check your Internet usage in relation to the capacity included in your Internet access plans for the current month. By clicking on one of these accesses identified by the delivery address, you reach the Internet data usage page where you will have more details about your usage.

Account statement

Make sure your account is in good standing here. In this box, you are able to see if you have amounts due and the date of your last payment.

Click on this box to access the Account statement page of the My Account section.