How to use the “ Internet data usage ” page?

The Internet usage page is divided into three sections. The first allows you to choose the circuit that interests you.

The second shows you for this circuit the daily usage. Here, the left box (top) shows your transfer in relation to the capacity included in your package. If your package is unlimited, then a symbol representing infinity will be only displayed.

In the third section, you are able to review the transfer history for the past months.

Display periods associated with sessions

An activity session set up by your modem may overlap the beginning or end of a month. In such a case, you will observe a data usage volume included in a billing month that is outside the corresponding calendar month. For example, the usage for July 31st could be included in the August billing month. This is a limitation of some access technologies.

Not in real time

Note that the values shown may not reflect the entire transfer recorded on a given date because the data is not displayed in real time.