How to use the “ LD international rates ” page?

If you have a B2B2C telephone service and you want to know the current rates for calls that are not to Canada or the United States (other than Alaska), use this page. It presents the pricing by country and termination network.

Two ways to search

You can search by country or using the phone number of the person you want to contact. By default, the tab showing the search by Country will be displayed. Click on Phone #  to display the other search engine.

Search results

By country

In the majority of countries, more than one operator provides telephone access including at least one by land line and one by cellular technology (Mobile). The table shown allows you to view the per minute pricing of each of these networks.  With each, a list of the digits used at the start of the phone numbers they provide allows you to identify the network used by your correspondent.

The table presented is divided into three columns, namely:

  • Operator: The name of the service operator
  • Phone Number beginning: A list of initial digits used by the operator to create phone numbers for their customers.
  • Pricing: Pricing per minute for a call to a customer of this operator in this country.

By telephone number

The fastest way to find pricing for a specific number is to use Phone #  search. Dial the number and start the search by clicking on the magnifying glass.

The resulting table will show an operator for a country and the associated per-minute pricing (Cents per-minute pricing for a call to a customer of that carrier in that country)

IMPORTANT: The pricing applied to the calls you place is the one in effect at the time of the call. The pricing presented on this website may change at any time as indicated in your service agreement.