How to use the “ Mails ” page?

If you use a hosted email account at B2B2C, it will be listed on this page. This excludes those associated with a domain name you own. 

Each email address is presented in a box. Clicking on one of these boxes brings up a pop-up menu that gives you two options: Read and Settings.

Read your emails

If you can not access your emails through your regular email applications or if you need to do operations that are only available on our management interface, then you can click on Read on the shortcut menu to open this interface in a separate tab.

CAUTION: This web interface is not optimized for mobile devices. You will also need to manually sign in to your account using the information we will give you after clicking on Read.

Configuration settings

This second option displays the pieces of information you will need to configure an application to use your email account.

If you need more information on how to set up your email application, we invite you to consult the configuration guides we have assembled. There are hyperlinks at the end of this page.