How to use the page “ Voice mail & follow me” in the “ Configuration”tab ?

You have a B2B2C telephone access with a voice mailbox or the ability to transfer your calls? This page allows you to control and configure these functions.

Caution: A change on this page may take up to 10 minutes to take effect.

Number of Rings: Select how many rings the voicemail should wait before answering.


Active voice mailbox: Activate or deactivate the voice mailbox function.

Language: Choose the language used for automatic voicemail prompts between French and English.

Message Included: Enabling this option adds a copy of the recorded voice message as an attachment to the notification email.

Email address: If you want to receive an email notification when a voice mail message is recorded, enter the email address to which you want it sent. To stop receiving this type of notification, leave this field blank.

Access code: Enter here the digits of the code you will have to dial on your phone to access your voicemail box.

Call transfer

Transfer to: Select one of the destinations in your Phone number directory to automatically forward all your calls.

Manage the directory of your numbers

Click on this hyperlink to edit the numbers you want to transfer your calls to.

This directory allows you to easily choose the destination of your transfer from your usual numbers. You can always add a number, you want to keep it in your directory or for temporary use.

Save your changes or cancel them to return to the previous page.