How to use the “SIP Trunk Backup Routing” page?

If you have the SIP Trunk Backup Routing option for one of your commercial SIP trunks, this page will be presented in the configuration menu of the Telephony section.

On it, will be presented in an interactive list the different SIP phone numbers on which you can define a backup plan.

Is a backup plan active on my number?

If one of your SIP numbers has one or two phone numbers to the right, a plan is active. Otherwise, no plan is in place.

How to create or modify a plan?

A backup plan can be created or modified by clicking on the Change hyperlink located to the right of the box containing the targeted SIP number. Then two editable fields will be displayed: External Number and B2B2C Voice Mail.

If you enter a phone number in each one, then if the calls to this SIP number can not be transmitted to your telephone system. We will try to transfer them to the External Number and, if this is not possible, to the Voicemail B2B2C that you have identified.

In other words, if the telephone system (PBX) that usually responds to calls to this SIP number doesn’t respond, the backup plan will be executed. The main causes of this type of situation are an outage of Internet or private IP access, a telephone system failure or a power outage.

The External Number can be any number that matches the following formats:

10 or 11 digits:

  • if 10, use the format NXXNXXXXXX where N is 2-9 and X 0-9
  • if 11, the beginning must be 1800,1833,1844,1855,1866,1877,1888, followed by NXXXXXX

The number to be placed in the B2B2C Voicemail field must be provided by B2B2C for this express function (Option). It must follow this format:

10 digits only: NXXNXXXXXX where N is 2-9 and X 0-9