How to use the “ Voicemails box ” page?

If the active service number has an associated mailbox, this page will show you the messages currently stored in it.

Instructions for choosing the active number

This selector will by default present the current active service number and offer no other choice. In the specific case of a commercial access SIP TRUNK type, it allows you to select among the numbers associated with this access.

Inbox of and Archives folders

Your voice messages are kept in two folders. By default, a new message will be placed in your Inbox with the New label. A second directory called Archives gathers the messages you have tagged differently.


The first filter allows you to select the directory you want to view.

The second filter allows you to filter the messages displayed for the selected folder according to their age. By default, all messages are displayed, but you can select Last 7 or Last 31 days to see only the most recent ones.

Interactive list of your messages

Depending on your choice of filters, a list of your messages will be displayed with each of these in an interactive box. These boxes show five pieces of information and a menu:

Title bar:

  • Caller Name: Presented only if available and not blocked by the caller
  • The message label: See Archiving a message and Automatic deletion later on this page

In the box:

  • Caller ID: Presented only if available and not blocked by the caller
  • The date and time of the call: Format: YYYY-MM-DD HH: MM: SS Eastern Time
  • The duration of the message: Format MM: SS
  • Menu:
    • Listen: See Listen to a message below on this page
    • Archive: See Archive a message below on this page
    • Delete: Removes the message permanently

Listen to a message

You can listen to your messages on a computer, on a tablet or on a phone running the Android operating system. When you click on Play , a menu will display with the controls of an audio player.  The Cancel button returns you to the basic menu.

Limitation: Message playback is currently not supported on phones and tablets running Apple’s IOS operating system. Until this limitation can be removed, please listen to your messages using the phone-based interactive menus.

Archive a message

Clicking on this button brings up a new menu. This one proposes to you to change the label of the message to another choice. If the chosen label is not New or Old, the message will be reclassified to the Archive directory.

Message labels

Your messages are tagged. This is visible to the right of the message box. By default, new messages are labeled New. Those who have been listened to will carry the Old label. Messages with one of these two labels are automatically sorted into the Input Box directory.

You can also attach an archive tag to your messages to keep them (see automatic removal below). You have the choice between three labels: Work, Friends and Family. Messages bearing these tags are classified in the Archives directory.

Automatic and manual removal

IMPORTANT: All your messages are labeled “New” or “Old” are deleted after 90 days.

Archiving your message is the easy way to remove a message from this automatic procedure.

You can delete one of your messages manually by selecting the Delete option from the pop-up menu associated with the message.

If you want to manually delete all messages from a directory, you can click on Delete all messages from this folder while you are in the targeted directory. You will have to confirm your choice before the deletion is executed, as this operation cannot be reversed.