Here is your installation guide

This guide is because you have selected the following configuration:

Please return to the Installation Guides page if you think you have not selected the right components.

This guide is divided into three parts:
  1. Inventory of what you should have received from us
  2. Additional equipment you will need.
  3. Step-by-step instructions.

This is what you should have received from us

Sagecomm 2864 (1x)
One part power cable for Sagecomm 2864 (1x)
Mediatrix 4102 (1x)
Two part power cable for Mediatrix 4102 12v (1x)
RJ11 telephone cable (1x)
5 RJ45 feet network cable (1x)
3 RJ45 feet network cable (1x)

Additional equipment you will need

PC (1x)
5 feet RJ45 network cable (1x)
Telephone (1x)
RJ11 telephone cable (1x)
PC (1x)

How to proceed

Step 1

Plug the telephone cable RJ11 in the LINE port of the wall socket and into the DSL port of the modem.

* Important: The model of your LINE port may vary. The port may not look like the picture shown below.

* Don't plug the Mediatrix and the modem right away.

Step 2

Plug a 3 feet RJ45 network cable into the LAN1 port of your modem and into the WAN port of your Mediatrix.

Step 3

Plug a 5 feet RJ45 network cable into the LAN port of your Mediatrix and into the Ethernet port of your PC.

Step 4

Plug your phone into the Phone / Fax # 1 port of your Mediatrix with a RJ11 telephone cable. The Phone / Fax # 2 port is not functional.

Step 5

Plug your DSL modem, it will start automatically. After, wait until the @ light is visible and stable before the the next step.

Step 6

Plug your Mediatrix, it will start automatically. After, wait until the Ready and the ETH lights are flashing before the next step. 

Step 7

Configure your PC.

When you are asked to choose between PPPoE and DHCP, choose DHCP.

Use the DNS server addresses on this reference page as needed to complete the information required to complete your router configuration.

After completing the configuration of your PC, it should be restarted.

Step 8

Please test your Internet access on your PC. The easiest way is to open a browser and visit the page of a search engine.

Step 9

Congratulations. You have completed the installation of your service. Thank you for choosing B2B2C.

Don't forget to activate your access to the Subscriber Area.

This page How can I access the Subscriber Area will help you do that.

Complementary information

The LAN2, LAN3, and LAN 4 ports of your modem are not functional.

Use the ports on your modem or the WiFi network it generates to provide access to your equipment, computer, mobile, TV or other.