Here is your installation guide

This guide is because you have selected the following configuration:

Please return to the Installation Guides page if you think you have not selected the right components.

This guide is divided into three parts:
  1. Inventory of what you should have received from us
  2. Additional equipment you will need.
  3. Step-by-step instructions.

This is what you should have received from us

SmartRG Sr505n (1x)
1-part power supply for SmartRG (22v) (1x)
Phone cable (1x)
Mediatrix 4102 (1x)
2-part power supply 12V for Mediatrix 4102 (1x)
Cable network 5 feet (RJ45) (1x)
Cable network 3 feet (RJ45) (1x)

Additional equipment you will need

Analog Phone (1x)
Phone cable (RJ11) (1x)
WIFI router (1x)

How to proceed

Step 1

  •  Plug the RJ11 telephone cable into the LINE socket and into the DSL modem socket.

Step 2

  • Plug an RJ45 network cable into the LAN 1 of your modem and into the Mediatrix socket. 

*Don\\\'t connect the electrical power of the Mediatrix and the modem right away.

Step 3

  • Plug an RJ45 network cable into the Mediatrix LAN socket  and into the ETHERNET/WAN socket of your router.

Step 4

  • Plug your phone\'s wire into the Mediatrix\'s socket 1(PHONE).

*Please note that the socket 2 (FAX) is not functional.

Step 5

  • Turn on the DSL modem and wait until the DSL light is visible and stable.

Step 6

  • Turn on the Mediatrix and wait for the READY light to flash.

Step 7

  • Configure your router in DHCP.

  • Restart the router after configuration.

Complementary information

The LAN 2, LAN 3, and LAN 4 of the modem are not configured, so  not functional. Don’t connect anything in these ports.

B2B2C equipment doesn’t provide WIFI.