How to use the “ Custom message ” page in the “ Configuration ” tab?

If you have a telephone service that has a mailbox associated with it, this page allows you to view and listen to the greeting(s) defined for the active service number.

List of saved greetings

Each of the recorded greetings is presented in a list of interactive boxes. In these boxes, you will find the following information:

Identifier of the associated function: At the top left, the context of use will be indicated. For example: Message “Not available”.

Message Duration: At the top right, the length of the message is indicated using the MM: SS format.

Context menu: By clicking on a box, a contextual menu will appear. This offers two options, either to listen to or erase the recorded message.

Listen to a message

On a phone or a tablet running the Android operating system and on a computer, clicking on Play and it will display the controls of an audio player instead of the menu. The cancel button returns you to the basic menu.

Limitation: Greeting playback is currently not supported on phones and tablets running Apple’s IOS operating system. Until this limitation can be removed, please listen to your greetings using the phone-based interactive menus.

Delete a greeting

If you want to delete a greeting, you can click Delete in the context menu of the targeted greeting. You will have to confirm your choice before the deletion is executed, as this operation cannot be reversed.

How to save a new version of a greeting?

Use the phone-based interactive menus associated with the active service number to record a new version of a greeting.  View instructions on how to use this interface on the FAQ page linked below.