Understanding the FAQ

Dear B2B2C customers, this site is for you. Quickly find the information you’re looking for by undertanding how the main menu divided up the site. 

Start here

First time on the FAQ, start here. These pages should paint for you a broad picture of the information, tools and ways to get the most out of your services and our online resources.

Internet services, Telephony, Hosting, Emails

Under these menus dedicated to our service families, you will find information pages grouped under the four principal types of questions most often asked:

Installation guides > Folow the instructions during the activation process.
Configuration guides > How to guides to adjust the confirguration or to redefin the parameters of the service.
Understanding my Subscriber Area > Opbtain an explination of the pages in the Subscriber area that relate to this type of service.
My account and invoice > Make sens of the charges for the service billed to your account.

Suscriber Area

Head into this section to get an overview of the client portal and how to start using it.


Find out our and when you can reach our support teams.  Also make a success of of your move by reading the multiples FAQ pages on this process.


Use this page to search for keywords across the FAQ. Search for the name of your equipment or service category for a list of relevant articles and start your search without navigating the menus.