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We’re happy to count you among our customers. 

On this page, you will find some frequently asked questions by our new subscribers and specifically chosen to assist you while you are activating your services. 

Should you have any other questions, we invite you to explore this website and to start with a visit to the Welcome to your Subscriber Area page.

Why should I create our access to the Subscriber Area?

We encourage you to activate your account on our Subscriber Area to access your account information. It’s easy. From the B2B2C homepage, click on “Subscriber Area” and then on the “Sign up” button. After, enter your registration number (available on your welcome email) to start the creation process.

Welcome to your Subscriber Area  How can I access the Subscriber Area?

How to contact us?

You have more than one option. You can go to the “Contact Us” section on your Subscriber Area to communicate by email or by phone with one of our teams or go to the “My Tickets” page of the “Help (FAQ)” section to open a service ticket with them.

Contact us My tickets

How is the installation date established?

If your representative has communicated to you that an installer will need to visit your premise(s), you will be informed of the date of his or her visit by one of our coordinators  and it will be between Y and Z working days following your order, depending on the service. If the proposed date does not suit you, the coordinator will work with you to set another.


How to prepare well for the installation of my equipment?

If your representative has informed you that you will receive some equipment from us, you must ensure that you have received all of them for the day your service is activated. The equipment required for the installation is indicated on your order or has been previously specified by your representative. If you are missing an equipment 3 working days before the day of your installation, do not hesitate to contact your representative to avoid any delay.

What should I share with my representative for a successful installation?

You must ensure that you have communicated to your representative all the particularities of your workspace and have listed all the equipment that will be connected to the new service. This information is important for a successful service activation. If you have any  doubts, do not hesitate to contact your representative before the date of the installation to make sure.