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How to reach us?

You have several ways to communicate with us.

You’re a customer

We encourage you to use your B2B2C subscriber access to view information about your account. You can open a ticket online with one of our customer service teams.

You will also find under the Contact Us tab for each of these teams: email address, phone numbers and business hours.

You’re not a customer yet

Do not hesitate to talk or chat with one of our sales consultants. Below are links to the contact pages for our residential or commercial services.

Residential Services
Commercial Service


How to use the “Contact us” page?

You want to communicate with us? Use this page to quickly identify the phone number and menu options to join the right team.

Select an option in the How can we help you? box and the page will be updated to show you how to contact the appropriate team and their business hours.

Feel free to use the Send an email link to contact our teams. A form will allow you to quickly compose your message.

Return of equipment

If you must return a piece of equipment to us and you have not received instructions from us to that effect, you may use the address provided on this page.

Report an error or recommendation on the site

The Subscriber Area is for you. Use the form at the bottom of this page to report a malfunction or a recommendation on how to improve it. Your collaboration is very valuable to us.


How to use the “My Tickets” page?

Contact B2B2C through your Subscriber Area using the My Tickets page. This page is divided into three sections, Filter, Ticket List and Create New Ticket.

Filter the tickets

Select the tickets you want to display in the list. With the selector at the top of the page, you can select by status : All, Open and Closed. By default open tickets are displayed.

List of tickets

Depending on the chosen filter, an interactive list of your tickets will be presented in the order of the last modification made. For each, to the left of the header, the ticket status is indicated.

Clicking on one of them will open a window. This allows you to read all associated notes and add a new note.

Change the status of a ticket

When you create a new ticket, it is placed in the Open state. When we establish that the processing of a ticket is completed, we will change this state to Closed. If you add notes to a closed ticket, this will not open it again. Create a new ticket if you want to return to the subject of a closed ticket. Simply enter the closed ticket number as a reference in the new one.

Create a new ticket

When you click on the button “Create a new ticket” , a form appears to brings up a form allowing you to compose your ticket. If you check the option to receive ticket updates by email , you will receive an email when your ticket is updated. Otherwise, you will have to visit the Subscriber Area to check if this ticket has been updated.

At the launch of the new Subscriber Area, you can use a new ticket to interact with our technical support team. Other B2B2C teams will be added gradually. Tickets are processed during business hours and are best used for non service affecting situations.

Notifications on the Home Page

In order to facilitate your tracking of open tickets in your account, a box will appear at the top of the home page if you have tickets open. Clicking on it will take you directly to the My Tickets page.



How to use the “ Internet data usage ” page?

The Internet usage page is divided into three sections. The first allows you to choose the circuit that interests you.

The second shows you for this circuit the daily usage. Here, the left box (top) shows your transfer in relation to the capacity included in your package. If your package is unlimited, then a symbol representing infinity will be only displayed.

In the third section, you are able to review the transfer history for the past months.

Display periods associated with sessions

An activity session set up by your modem may overlap the beginning or end of a month. In such a case, you will observe a data usage volume included in a billing month that is outside the corresponding calendar month. For example, the usage for July 31st could be included in the August billing month. This is a limitation of some access technologies.

Not in real time

Note that the values shown may not reflect the entire transfer recorded on a given date because the data is not displayed in real time.


How to use the “Home” page?

On this page, we have gathered information that allows you to have a quick portrait of your B2B2C account. What is presented here will depend on the services you use. Therefore, not all of the following items will necessarily be on your page.

In order to facilitate your navigation, each of the information boxes has either buttons allowing you to initiate actions immediately. A link to the site page gives  you more information and options about the service in question.


If you have open tickets with one of our teams, we will post them here. A click on one of them will move you to the My Tickets section in the Help (FAQ) section. Then, a ticket will open immediately. Thus, you can quickly continue your exchanges with us.

If you do not have an open ticket, click on the box to quickly open the My Tickets page so that you may create a new ticket or to view your closed tickets.

Telephone services

Your B2B2C telephone services are presented here, identified by the associated phone number. For each one, you are informed of the number of current messages in the voicemail box, if it is activated and if all the calls are currently transferred or not.

Click on one of the lines and a contextual menu will give you two choices: Listen and Configure. The first one will open the Voicemail page in the Telephony section so you can listen to your messages. The second will open the Voicemail & Call transfer page in the Configuration section, under Telephony. From there, you can change the status of the voicemail box and call transfer as well as other options.

Internet usage

At a glance, check your Internet usage in relation to the capacity included in your Internet access plans for the current month. By clicking on one of these accesses identified by the delivery address, you reach the Internet data usage page where you will have more details about your usage.

Account statement

Make sure your account is in good standing here. In this box, you are able to see if you have amounts due and the date of your last payment.

Click on this box to access the Account statement page of the My Account section.


I’m moving to another city, should I change my phone number?

Generally, if your new residence is still in the same service area, you do not have to change your phone number.

At B2B2C, we offer larger local calling areas than those offered by telephone or cable companies. In the metropolitan areas of Quebec City, Gatineau, Sherbrooke and Montreal, you could be able to take advantage of this.

Speak with one of our agents to confirm or check through our  online directory of our local areas. 


Who should be present the day of installation?

The person on site must be 18 years or older and must be able to provide access to our technician. It must also give him all the equipment and access codes that we gave you.

The person must also be able to test the connection after the installation and have to be reachable all day at the phone number you have given us.


Is it possible to change my installation date?

Yes, it is possible to change your installation date.

However, since the installation volume during the summer is very high, you should know that your activation may be delay by several days or a week.