What is our Internet data usage?

Check quickly on the home page the data you used during the month. For more details, consult the Internet data usage page.

Home Internet data usage


How can I manage my voicemail box?

Check if you have new messages directly on the home page. Go to the “voicemail” page to listen, archive or delete one of them. Jump to the Configuration page to disable or enable the voicemail box or quickly change the multiple service options.

Home Voicemails box Voicemail & Follow me



Is there an update on my service call?

If you have one or more open service tickets, the number will be indicated at the top of the home page. In one click, you can access the ticket management page where you can look at the latest updates or make one yourself. It’s an effective way to communicate with our teams.

Home My tickets


What payments have been billed to my account?

From the home page, you can check the date of your last payment and if any amounts are due. With one click, you can access the ” Account Statement ” page to view all your payments including details of charges and the status of your account. Do you want to see your long distance charges or your additional Internet data usage charges? Everything is there.

Home Account Statement


Which of our calls generated fees this month ?

Go to the “Telephony” section and go to the “Invoiced Calls” tab for a list of your billed calls per period. It’s all there, in details.


Telephony Billed calls


How can I print my bill?

You need to print your monthly bill? Go to the home page and click on “Account Statement”. Select the invoice and click on the “Print” hyperlinks to open the invoice in printable format or save it in PDF format.

Home Account Statement


How can I configure or read my emails online?

Set up your email accounts easily on a computer, tablet or mobile by following the guides and the information available on the Emails page.  With one click on the account , check your access settings and the configuration guide section on the FAQ.  View your emails online by selecting “Read” from the same menu.



Hello. I have a question for one of your teams?

To reach us you have two options: Click on the “Contact us” tab in the menu and select an option in the “How can we help you?” box to contact the right team. Otherwise, create a service ticket by navigating to the “My Tickets” page.

Contact us My tickets