What settings are used to configure access to emails created on your web hosting?

Use the following information to configure access to an email account associated with your domain name @ [yourdomainname].  

 Incoming server  

 POP3 Server  

  • Incoming server: mail. [nameofyourdomainex: ” mail.b2b2c.ca “.   
  • Port (without SSL): 110  
  • Port (with SSL): 995  
  • Username: Full email address   
  • Password: The email’s password  

IMAP Server  

  • Incoming server: mail. [nameofyourdomainex: ” mail.b2b2c.ca “.  
  • Port (without SSL): 143  
  • Port (with SSL): 993  
  • Username: Full email address  
  • Password: The email’s password  

IMAP Root Path  

  • In the case of an IMAP configuration, if you experience problems sending and receiving or viewing IMAP folders, you may need to add the word  “INBOX” in the “IMAP prefix path” box in your email software. 
  • Afterwards, restart your e-mail software and the problem should be resolved.  

Outgoing server  

 SMTP server (without SSL)  

  • Outgoing server (SMTP) : mail [nameofyourdomain] ex : ” mail.b2b2c.ca “.  
  • Port : 587  
  • SSL Disabled  
  • Username: Full email address (required)  
  • Password: The email’s password (required

SMTP server (SSL)  

  • You can use SSL security with the outgoing mail server if you have an SSL certificate installed on your Plesk mail service. If you do not have an SSL certificate installed, you may receive and SSL certificate validation error since the tested certificate will be the one associated with the domain of the hosting server and with your domain. Please note that emails can be sent without SSL encryption. 
  • Outgoing server (SMTP): mail [nameofyourdomainex: “mail.b2b2c.ca”.  
  • Port : 465   
  • SSL Enabled  
  • Username: Full email address (required 
  • Password: The email’s password (required